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In the spring and early summer, guests watch bald eagle fledglings from this easily-viewed nest at Cluxewe Resort.

Birding has become one of the most popular pastimes in North America. There is no more beautiful or accessible place to enjoy this peaceful activity than at Cluxewe Resort. Shore and water birds of many kinds spend all or part of the year at this estuary. Bald eagles, hawks, and the occasional peregrine falcon patrol the skies. Busy northwestern crows clean the beaches, while Stellar’s Jays squabble and keep tabs on everyone, and kingfishers swoop and dive. And each morning in spring and early summer the dawn chorus heralds the new day.

You can enjoy all this right where you stay – at Cluxewe Resort.

A good source of information on birding in the Northern Vancouver Island region is the Malcolm Island Birding Club.