Cluxewe Resort Cluxewe Resort
Cluxewe Resort


Whether you are looking for a scenic stroll or a challenging coastal hike, Cluxewe Resort can be your base. We can tell you what to look for as you walk along the Cluxewe spit, by the river or along several of the following trails near Cluxewe Resort:

  • Cluxewe Beach Trail (also known as Bullock’s Beach), is just a short drive away.
  • Beautiful Bay (Bere Point) Trail and Mateoja Trail on Malcolm Island (across Broughton Strait via BC Ferries)
  • Alert Bay Ecological Park and other trails on Cormorant Island (also via BC Ferries)
  • Beaver Lake Interpretive Forest Walk, just off Highway 30, about a 15 minute drive northwest of Cluxewe Resort.
  • Cape Scott Trail in spectacular Cape Scott Provincial Park (at the Island’s northwest tip – like Long Beach without the crowds). The route to San Josef Bay at the edge of the park is an easy day trip from Cluxewe and the scenery is stunning!
  • There is currently a North Coast Trail project underway which will connect the existing Cape Scott Trail (see above) with Shushartie Bay near Port Hardy. It is proposed as a 46-kilometre trail which will include several environmentally sensitive BC Parks campgrounds. When complete, the North Coast Trail will be a 70-kilometre continuous hiking experience along the awe-inspiring Northern tip of Vancouver Island. Hikers from around the world are already expressing interest in making this journey. Cluxewe Resort will be a wonderful place to prepare for – or rest from – this unique wilderness adventure.

Our staff will be happy to tell you more about hiking in and near Cluxewe Resort and other parts of Northern Vancouver Island.