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Wildlife Viewing

If you’ve been reading through these pages, you already have a sense of the “wonder” full wildlife viewing opportunities that exist at Cluxewe Resort. We have several designated viewing areas, plus a self-guided tour through the Resort and the spit of land that separates the river from the sea. This tour enables guests of any age and nearly any level of fitness to view some fabulous scenery and have an opportunity to see fascinating wildlife in their natural environment.

In addition to the many birds (including bald eagles) which we’ve listed on our Birding page, look for dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea lions, minke whales, and the occasional pod of killer whales in Broughton Strait. Seals and sea lions may also enter the estuary following the salmon at high tide. You are also likely to spot river otters; black-tailed deer; and mink. Black bears are not uncommon, particuarly when the salmon start to run. Make noise when you are walking and NEVER try to feed a bear. Follow common sense rules and you should have no problems with these beautiful and impressive animals. Grey wolves are occasionally spotted on the spit; however, they are very elusive and typically avoid people.

For those who want a somewhat more challenging hike, there are also viewing opportunities at the other side of the Cluxewe estuary. Trail maps are available in our office.

For more detailed information on the animals and habitat of Cluxewe and other North Island estuaries, go to the North Island Wildlife Viewing Network web site.